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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Education Games.

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Anne walked home in a brown study and poured out her tale to Gilbert....
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<p>When it comes to prestige, The World Chess Championship is the single greatest achievement a professional player can win. Unfortunately though when the event was last held in 2018, every single match ended in a draw, for the first time in human history. The event was so boring that the tournament slated to run in 2020 was literally cancelled [0]. Chess is dead. Chess remains dead. And we have killed him.</p><p>Fortunately for enthusiasts of the game, out of these smoldering ashes has emerged a new, faster-paced, more strategic game. One in every particular better suited to our contemporary lives. That game is known as "The End of Chess", and its name is tschess.</p>....
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<p>Some of the long-term Pocket Gamer fans might be getting flashbacks to November last year when Fugl was last mentioned but after speaking with the developer, Johan Gjestland (Melodive), it's about time for an update.</p><p>Fugl is a mesmerising flying game designed with 3D-voxel graphics for 64-bit iOS devices. Each procedurally-generated world, from earthly to alien, contains a collection of beautiful wildlife that you can get to know. By helping creatures along the way, you'll be able to gain upgrades and power-ups for your bird.</p><p>Though the project was started two years ago, Gjestland has gained a tremendous following on Twitter and on his forum page – which now has 154 pages – and we're all excited to see the game finally launch.</p><p>Gjestland also hopes to bring multiplayer to Fugl so players can fly together and communicate with movements and custom chirps (think Journey). It's also an ambition to bring a level editor to mobile, but there's no solid confirmation for that yet.</p><p>Fugl is so far set to launch on Oculus this October with the iOS/Android versions coming early 2017 (Jan/Feb), finally followed by PC around April.</p>...
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Embed yourself with those powerful armors to be defended from bosses...