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<p>I'll be honest: I don't think ADAM - Artifical Defense Automation Module is a very good title for this game.</p><p>I thought it was going to be another 360-degree shooter in which you play a military robot shooting anything that moves.</p><p>Turns out, it's not - it's about a cute robot that's just trying to dodge hazards to get through life. It's almost adorable, actually.</p><p>You play as ADAM and move through an endless scrolling world full of dangers. You just need to make sure that ADAM doesn't bash into anything so that he remains alive.</p><p>What you must do, then, is to press the up and down arrows to shuffle the heights of his head and body. It's similar to the Gold Award-winning Mr Legs, in fact.</p><p>Pressing up extends ADAM's neck, while pressing down brings it back down again - simple. There is more, though.</p>.

GAME NAME tiktok mod apk 22.3.3

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com.sigmateam.tiktok mod apk 22.3.3.free

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