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<p>Pascal&rsquo;s Wager, the upcoming Bloodborne-inspired hack &lsquo;n&rsquo; slash, was shown off during the end of Apple&rsquo;s &lsquo;By Innovation Only&rsquo; event. It was used to highlight the power of the upcoming iPhone 11, and for good reason. Giant Games and Tipsworks Studios have crafted what looks to be a genuine &lsquo;console-quality&rsquo; experience, from the visuals and sound design to the tight, challenging combat.</p><p>We originally reported on the gameplay demo showed during the event, discussing the single-player campaign and story, but what we didn&rsquo;t know at the time was that Pascal&rsquo;s Wager will also feature PVE and PVP multiplayer. The modes will arrive as part of planned post-launch updates, which will also include story-driven DLC.</p><p>Given the need for responsive and easy controls, it comes as a relief to hear that the game will support controllers at launch. After all, Soulsborne games are already tough enough without having to do any frustrating touchscreen thumb dancing.</p>.

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