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<p>Back in 2012, Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian hooked up with industry vet Tim Harris to start work on a new sci-fi shooter for iOS called Midnight Star. Tonight, finally, it'll be out.</p><p>It's set 120 years in the future and involves blasting ugly aliens with all kinds of pew-pews and bang-bangs. Yes, guns, that's what they're called.</p><p>We got our hands on Midnight Star last year and had quite a good time with it. Sure, it's an on-rails shooter, which will no doubt get some groans, but it works well.</p><p>You see, without having to worry about moving your character, you can focus on blasting aliens with a touch of the finger. It's all about scoring chains of kills.</p><p>Once you've cleared out a rocky terrain or clobbering brutes and insectoid pests, you head back to your ship to upgrade everything. Yes, everything: your guns, ships, skills, the lot.</p>.

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