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<p>With Yooka-Laylee out and about and receiving mixed reviews overall, there's still one platform we've yet to see it on: the Nintendo Switch. Lucky for us, there's a couple of major changes coming in that version.</p><p>Playtonic Games revealed earlier that they're still trucking on with the Switch version, and will be sorting out the two major things that vexed people about the game.</p><p>Its camera problems were certainly irritable in places, that was a universal opinion, but a lot of people - including myself - weren't particularly tickled by its yabbery cutscenes and numbing voices. Thankfully, it looks like the developer's going to be adding ways for us to skip through the bulk of its audio.</p><p>"That means stuff like the optional ability to skip dialogue faster, bypass cutscenes or reduce those pesky gibberish voices, which should please the speedrunners among us. We'll also be adding a sprinkling of design polish throughout the adventure and by popular request, changes to how the camera operates."</p><p>Apparently these changes will also be coming to the PC and console version of the game as a nifty patch. Hopefully soon.</p>.

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