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<p>Rocketcat Games are known for having an extensive plans when it comes to post-launch content. And we knew that the release of Death Road to Canada on iOS was only the beginning.</p><p>On Steam, they posted a list of the updates coming later this year. While some of it might only make it to the PC version, most will surely also be integrated at some point on iOS.</p><p>First up is the Cochlea Update, adding new music tracks, a a new progression system which will let you unlock and upgrade perks and traits.</p><p>This will be followed by the Duodenum Update, adding new locations, events, characters, weapons and introducing Special Trading Camps.</p><p>Rocketcat also mentions an Android version, coming "in the next couple of months" that is being made by another developer.</p><p>With each update, Rocketcat will up the price of Death Road to Canada so get it early if you're interested in it.</p>.

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